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Short Term Strategy for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be an amazing tool to reach potential customers and clients. However, without the right plan and direction these efforts can fall short of attracting the right audience. Creating a specific marketing strategy helps guide and focus your marketing efforts.

1. Pick three overarching goals to focus your plan on.

These goals can stay consistent throughout different marketing plans or be diverse as your plans. It is important to hone down to goals that are specific to your current plan. For example, instead of focusing on gaining new clients, what specific type of client do you want to attract? What is their demographic profile? This will allow you to gear your efforts to a more specific target.

2. Concentrate on six-week chunks of time.

Working in six week segments allows you to evaluate your effectiveness and adjust accordingly. It also is a much more manageable amount of time to plan for. It is also a good rule of thumb to have broad plans for quarters, half-years and a full year. Not full plans, but jumping off points for each of your six week segments.

3. Start on the last day of your plan, not day one.

If you don’t know where you are going to end it is very difficult to know where to start. Use your goals to plot your end point, and then work backwards to the start.

4. Work on one section at a time, instead of trying to fill out each section of your plan simultaneously,

A digital marketing plan has many different facets -- social media, email, ads, etc. Concentrate on each section separately. It is much easier to focus on one task instead of all tasks at once.

5. Don’t be afraid to tweak your plan and move things around.

Once you have completed your plan do not be afraid to tweak things or move things around. Read all the sections of you plan at once and tweak things where necessary. The great thing about digital marketing is it can be changed in an instant.

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