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Why YOU Need Social Media for your Business.

Written by Kelsi

Sarah and I first started working together on the marketing team for our local FIT4MOM franchise, FIT4MOM Chapel Hill & Carrboro. I was responsible for content writing for our monthly newsletter emailings, creating graphics for promotions and weekly schedule emails. Sarah was the master organizer with her social media monthly plans, Google and social media advertisements, and all things long term strategic planning.

We witnessed first hand how imperative social media advertising is for a small business to make an impression on today’s digital market.

While an organic or unpaid social media strategy has its benefits, a paid marketing strategy using social media advertising typically produces the best results.

The cost of print ads can be high, and the cost of Facebook advertising is adaptable to any budget. There is a minimum spending budget of $5.00 per day on Facebook and Instagram, and you set the limits of how much to spend each month. Whether it’s generating leads or raising brand awareness, the cost of a social media campaign is scalable for any budget, and is more effective than print advertising (if you’re doing it right).

With print advertising, you’re often left clueless as to whether or not your newspaper ad actually worked. Do you know the age demographic that best responded to your ad? What about gender? Do you know how many people actually saw that ad? Better yet, do you know what it actually costs to obtain those new customers? We’re going to guess no.

Social media advertising gives us hard data. Not only do you get to see the age demographic, gender and actual number of people who saw your advertisement, but you get a breakdown of what it actually cost to convert them to your brand. Cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) are two valuable factors that help you to determine whether or not your ad was successful. These are trackable results that allow you to get a real understanding of the audience that best responded to your business.

Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to hyper-target your desired demographic by choosing the specific location, age, and gender of the individuals you want your ads shown to. The amount of detail you can get into with social media advertising is borderline creepy, but it’s super useful when you want to get your message to the right people.

At Cardinal Fern, we understand how much work it takes to run a business.

When you hire a digital marketing team to take care of your social media and online presence, you don’t have to worry about a thing, except maybe how you’re going to handle all the new business you’re getting.

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